Zombie Parade or The sum was far greater than its parts

Fremont put an urgent call out for Zombies to gather for the annual “Red, White and Dead” parade. Fremont gathered 3,894 last year but lost the Guinness world record to England by a wee 132 undead brain eating participants.

Yes, our beautiful girls, McKinley, Kaya and Simone, are working hard to help Seattle win back the title.

By the looks of the blood spurting, the lurching, the grunting of hungry Zombies that showed up…Seattle clearly has a knack for the Undead.

It was just another fun outing for (from left) McKinley, Jeannie, Simone, Kaya, Andy, Russ and David. It was Halloween in July.

I get uncomfortable when Naomi picks up a stick and calls it a shooter. Or when, as she does often, she says, “Simone, you be the fairy and I’ll be the bad guy.” I do realize she is playing a bad guy for the fun of exploring that character but I am a bit uncomfortable seeing her even pretending to be violent. When we came upon this “shoot them up” scene (above) I was tentative and didn’t know how to interact. The girls had no problem. They embraced the zany street theatre and pretend fights. The young “masters of improvisation” took over this Emergency Vehicle for a while. They loved being ghouls for the afternoon.

“Brains, brains, ugh, I need brains!” begged McKinley ”Ummm delicious green brains.” Added Kaya “I don’t know. I’d go first, but those brains look downright runny.” said Simone.

“We’ll seal the back. No one escapes the Zombie’s Emergency crash mobile.” led McKinley

“The sum was far greater than its parts.” said Russ. Quite true. It was the scene that came together when thousands of undead take over the streets that made this so much fun.

Zombies of all ages and…

…from all walks of life.

The head-less man was our favorite costume.

McKinley and Russ stayed in character much of the time…even as we headed home. Simone had the best view from her perch on David’s shoulders. Naomi sat on Kaya’s lap on the stroller. The whole parade was a bit much for her and her lower lip trembled at her first sighting of fake blood but she wanted to hang in there and told us later “Wasn’t being bad, fun!”

Geo-caching Pains or Shakespeare at the Troll

Last week at a wonderful birthday party for Simone’s classmate Meredith at Richmond Beach.  We geo-cached and found an artillery box full of books. Smitten with the adventure, we decided to make a little book of our own to add to the artillery box cache.

We wanted to share the fun of geo-caching with our pals McKinley and Kaya Daggatt. We wanted to find more treasures and what better place then Freemont to start.

We started at noon and put together an assortment of tiny toys to leave in the geo-caches we found. Then we set off for the first site. It was a stone’s throw from the Daggatt houseboat on Lake Union.

We searched every inch of the grassy knoll but (4 feet or not)….no cache was found!

Discouraged, we conferred (family meeting) and decided to move on to another cache hidden at the Fremont Troll. (FYI. McKinley is sporting Zombie make-up for the 5pm massive gathering of Zombies.)

Naomi shouts, “Look Simone, it’s our house,” as we pass a welded fence with an image of the Smith Tower.

It is always fun to visit the Troll under Aurora Bridge. He holds a real VW bug in his hand. Turns out, Work It Productions’ was holding a performance of Shakespeare at the Troll starting right when we arrived. It was a series of scenes and sonnets from Bard’s works. The girls lined up eagerly to watch.

When it was over (an hour later) the treasure hunt resumed. The hint was that this cache was magnetic.

“Nothing in his nose.” – Kaya”

“It’s not on the signs or the railing.” -Naomi”
“Something is wrong. I don’t think it is here. Muggles must have got this one too.” -Kaya.  (Group meeting.) This is not working. ”Lets go put on our Zombie outfits!” – McKinley.

Gritty Oasis in Seattle or Beaching in Seattle

McKinley and Naomi.

The recess Monkeys showed up.

All aboard! Kaya and Simone riding high on David’s shoulders.

We indulge in long days at the beach in the summer. Somehow we always stumble into friends and gatherings, on this day it was both…the recess monkeys arrived as well as friends from “Tribe Seattle.”

Melissa relaxing

Lake Washington beaches have darker sand but the warmer water and floating swims docks make for luxurious long swims. We often head to the lake at the end of the long summer days. (Sunset is 9pm.)

Pictured below is Simone, Stella, Elizabeth (holding the clan together) Elias, Lola and Naomi.