Zombie Parade or The sum was far greater than its parts

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Fremont put an urgent call out for Zombies to gather for the annual “Red, White and Dead” parade. Fremont gathered 3,894 last year but lost the Guinness world record to England by a wee 132 undead brain eating participants. By the looks of the blood spurting, the lurching, the grunting of hungry Zombies that showed […]

Geo-caching Pains or Shakespeare at the Troll

Last week at a wonderful birthday party for Simone’s classmate Meredith at Richmond Beach.  We geo-cached and found an artillery box full of books. Smitten with the adventure, we decided to make a little book of our own to add to the artillery box cache. We wanted to share the fun of geo-caching with our […]

Gritty Oasis in Seattle or Beaching in Seattle

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We indulge in long days at the beach in the summer. Somehow we always stumble into friends and gatherings, on this day it was both…the recess monkeys arrived as well as friends from “Tribe Seattle.” Lake Washington beaches have darker sand but the warmer water and floating swims docks make for luxurious long swims. We […]

Boardman Lake

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Lined up for a bowl of warm oatmeal. Simone, Kaya, McKinley, Liam. Simone and Cora after the first night at Boardman lake. Troopers, Naomi and Simone, hiking in.